10 Things You Must Do To Stage Your Home

Sometimes I am the bad guy. Realtor’s call me in to stage or declutter a home before it hits the market. It’s my job to go through each room and put a plan together for the home.

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It’s easier said than done. We all live differently then we stage. So lets get started- Staging according to Erin:

1. STOP LOOKING AT IT AS YOUR HOME-Instead of looking at it as your home, look at it as a canvas. A place that someone can visualize as their home. You have to make it “vanilla.” Take out your personality. Boring is good!

2. MAKE A GAME PLAN– Make a game plan room by room. Tackle one room at a time.

3. PACK-Pack up items that you aren’t using on a regular basis.

4. PURGE-Don’t haul your crap across the map!! Purge your home before your move.

5. Paint-There is nothing that shows a home as well as a nice paint job. If you paint is chipping, outdated, or unique (bright colors-sponge paint), consider doing some painting. A clean neutral palette such as beige or grey works everyone.

6. LOOK AT THOSE LIGHT FIXTURES- Are your light fixtures outdated? Got to home depot or lowes and get some simple modern ones. Believe me, they make a huge difference in a room.

7. FAMILY PHOTOS-Simplify your space and pack up these treasures.

8. DEEP CLEANING-Its worth it to have a maid service in to deep clean your home. Top to bottom. Everything from your floor boards to your crown molding needs a dusting. Mr Clean magic erasers will become your new best friend.

9.EMPTY THAT PANTRY- Stop stocking up on food. Start using what you have in your pantry to clear it out.

10. CLEAN OUT CABINETS/CLOSETS- Its important to clean out your closet and cabinets. Potential buyers will be taking a peak. They want to see the condition.

Happy Selling!!

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