National Car Care Month 2014-Organizing Your Vehicle

Who knew April is National Car Care month? The Car is an extension of your home and tends to be neglected when it comes to organization. Many of our cars have dual purposes. I use my car not only for transportation to work and fun, but as a hauling vehicle. Yes, the Rav can fit 18 trash bags of donations at one time.

electronic recycle

So lets talk car organization! How does your car function for you and what do you need in it. Lets start with basics- the front area. No matter what type of car you have, you have a glove compartment. Some of us have two( I do, and have no use for it). From a legal standpoint, we all need to carry registration and a car insurance card. I also think its important to to have your car manual in the glove compartment. You never know when you will need to look something up like a dashboard error light(been there, done that).

Other important items that should reside in the front of your vehicle include- phone chargers, headphones(hands free), garmin accessories, and your toll tag. Some people keep a pair of sunglasses in their car as well. I also have a small plastic container of coupons that I keep in my glove compartment.

Lets move to the back seat area. For me, this area is empty. I only have things in the back seat that I am hauling for donation or supplies that I am bringing to a clients home. For those of you with kids, your back seat may be filled up with car seats. Also keep an activity bag in your car for your kids. This might include books, videos, or small toys they can play with while you transport them.

And last but not least, the trunk or the “way back” as I used to call it as a child. In my car, affectionately called the Erinmobile, I have two pop up car crates. One has one section is is used for electronic recycling that I gather from my clients. The other has two sections. One section for reusable bags for grocery and regular shopping. The other section I use for extra work supplies.

In the back section of your car, everyone should have a spare tire, jack, and flashlight. I also have ice scrapers and a snow brush in my car. This is a must for any Chicago winter. During the off season, I keep them put away in the under trunk storage area.

Your car should reflect your life. You should keep supplies in it, that help you function on a daily basis.

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