Family Heirlooms; When The Kids Don't Want Your Stuff

I was speaking at a senior center last week and the question of the hour was “What do we do with our stuff? The kids don’t want it.”

In the past, parents and grandparents would save their treasures for the next generation. It was expected that you would take your mother’s china, milk glass collection, and other misc family items.

I have worked in many homes in which there is a corner of the basement or part of the attic that is deemed “family stuff.” There is also alot of guilt about what to do with these items.

Some kids just take the stuff and smile. Others say no. And then there are those that dred having to deal with all the stuff one day.

Okay, enough of my rambling. Here is what to do with your stuff.

1. Ask your kids what they want. If you want to start passing stuff on, then do so. If you still want to keep your belongings, make a list of what each child would like to have one day.

2. Offer things to family or friends.

3. Sell it. If you go this route, you will first need to categorize it and then find prospective buyers. I recommend using an estate specialist. They have a multitude of resources and will be able to get your stuff to the right vendors or buyers. Its hard to find one resource for everything.

4. Auction Houses-These are a great way to get rid of a lot of different items. They auction off low end to high end items. The auction house will take a percentage of your sales.

5. Consignment-I seem to live at the local consignment stores. They are a great place to sell clothing, fur coats and costume jewelry. They take 50% of what they sell.

Communication is very important in this sensitive matter. Don’t get your feelings hurt if your kids don’t share your same taste. Enjoy your precious items for as long as you want them!!

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