Mini Projects to Help Jump Start Organizing Your Home

Spring cleaning is just around the corner. One day, hopefully soon, if the strong grips of Chiberia let us go, we will be able to open our windows and breath the fresh air. The grass will be green and the flowers will bloom.

spring flowers

Do you participate in the tradition of spring cleaning? Do you tackle places that have been long neglected? Below are some mini projects to help you get started!

1. The laundry room– This is never a priority when it comes to cleaning and tends to get messy. Between socks, lint, and old cleaning products, this place gets pretty full. Sometimes it becomes the family catch all. Take it all out. Move the appliances if possible and clean the floor. Go through the cabinets and get rid of all the old misc cleaning products that you don’t use (many cities have chemical recycling places that will take them). Organize your cabinets or shelves. This is also a good place to store some of your industrial items such as light bulbs, batteries, and the household manuals.

2. The coat closet– Can you see the floor? Go through all your coats( I know we need a lot of them in Chicago) and make sure that they are all still functional. If your closet is overcrowded, then consider pulling your off season coats out of the closet. Containerize your scarves, gloves, and hats. You can use a basket or bin for ontop of the shelf or a sweater hanger will also do the trick. Clear that floor. This is a great place to store a vacuum cleaner. I also store my winter boots in there.

3.Dresser drawers-Do you give thought to which drawers you put things in? Do misc items end up in these drawers? If the answer is yes, its time to chean them out. Keep them simple. Don’t over categorize. They should contain such categories as underclothes, socks, pajamas, work out clothing, and t shirts.

So there you have it. A few simple projects to help jump start your spring cleaning!

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