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The Love Affair with Tupperware- I Just Don't Get It

Call me crazy! I don’t understand the fascination with tupperware. Everyone has tupperware love but me. Like paper, I am convinced that tupperware breeds like bunnies. The lids slither away never to be found again. Everyone has “that” cabinet. You know the one of the tupperware lost. The big pile. You open the cabinet and... Read more »

How To Create A Kids Craft Station

I am seeing a huge trend of more and more people creating “craft stations” for their kids. It could be in the corner of a bedroom, playroom, or kitchen area. Being a crafter myself, I love this idea. The more organized your craft center is, the more your child will use it! So lets get... Read more »

The Importance of Visual Reminders

I have had a traveling companion in my car this week- my favorite black dress. Its been sitting in the front seat waiting patiently to be taken to the dry cleaners. Yes, it was one of those weeks. Today is the day though, before I go to work, I am heading over to the cleaners.... Read more »

Downsizing The Family Home; When Should It Be Done

Last week I had a client ask me when he should start to downsize his mom’s home in preparation to move to assisted living. I said-tomorrow. Its a big process no matter the size of the home. When someone has lived in their home for years, stuff builds up. Even in the cleanest and most... Read more »

Don't Put It Down, Put it Away-Relocating Your Items

Everyday, we take things out of one room of our home and move them to another. A lot of times, they never make it back to their home. They become “homeless” and turn into clutter. Piles begin to form and we forgot were we put them. Here are some simple tips to help you keep... Read more »

Chiberia- Productive or Procrastinating

I knew when I saw the weather report about the impending 3 to 6 inches of snow yesterday, it was going to drive some people cray cray (myself included). As of date, in the history of Chicago, this winter ranks fifth in the amount of snowfall. You see all the post on facebook. Cabin fever,... Read more »

Take Off Your Shoes And Other Tips to Surviving Condo Life

Today is my day off. I had envisioned sleeping in(that means till 7:00 am in my world) and making some blueberry pancakes to start out my day. At 5:15 am the neighbors dog decided to bark like crazy. So much for sleep. I am not thrilled!! Sharing space has its challenges. When I first moved... Read more »

Simplify Your Socks- Stop All That Sorting

Just when I thought I had a day off, a friend called and needed help on a job. So I trucked out to the burbs to help out. I was given the task of my favorite organizing project- the master closet. As I unpacked the boxes, all went smoothly and quick. Like with like and... Read more »

The Forever Home Vs The Five Year Home

Times have changed. People aren’t buying a home and staying in it for 30 plus years. Everyone is getting more mobile. Whether its job transfers, an expanding family, or the need for more space, Americans are on the move. So when it comes to organizing, there is a difference in how you organize a forever... Read more »

Paper Management- The Systems That You Need

Paper, paper, and more paper. It breeds like bunnies. If you don’t process it on a daily basis, it gathers in piles around your home. You need a few systems to contain it. Here is how to start your paper transformation! 1. Limit as many incoming paper items that you can. Most or all of... Read more »