Where you Should Be Donating Stuff In Chicago-The Family Tree Resale

If you have read my previous posts, you know that I don’t have a loving relationship with Salvation Army. First it was the “Sheriff” refusing to take stuff I wanted to donate, and then yelling because I brought too much stuff. The dude even threw a pillow at me once saying “We don’t want your bed bugs”. Then it was the guys hiding in the back when they are supposed to help people unload their cars.

So I was elated to discover a place to donate right down the street from me- The Family Tree Resale. Its located at 4740 N Lincoln Ave. They also have a location in the south suburbs.

The premise of the family tree is to help the community. The owner, Elizabeth, is in the process of making connections in the community to set up a voucher program. Not only can you shop in this wonderful place, but children and women will be given vouchers to help make their lives better.

Elizabeth is as friendly as they come. I don’t every anticipate her throwing a pillow at me. She is gracious and kind. She always has a smile on her face when she opens the dock for me to unload my car. She never cringes when I off load 10 to 20 bags of stuff. She always says thank you.

She also assured me that she doesn’t waste things ( I cringe when I see good stuff in the trash at Salvation Army). She even reused paper I had wrapped breakables in for her customers purchases.

If you have items that you want to donate, stop by the Family Tree Resale!!

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