The Reality of Recycling; It's a Time Suck

Green is the new black. Everyone is jumping on the recycling bandwagon. Myself included!

Last week I left a clients home with a loaded down car. In order to dispose of everything properly, here is what I did:

* First stop was to salvation army to drop off donations.

* Next up was Pearl Vision Center to drop off three pairs of glasses for the gift of sight.

* Electronic recycling was also another stop with cords, computer accessories, and cd’s.

* I also had a load of clothes for the consignment store.

* Last but not least was the animal shelter. All those leashes and doggie jackets aren’t going to waste.

* I also put a random pile of metal pieces in my alley for the dumpster divers.

So two hours after I left my clients, I finally made it home. Yes, recycling is a total time suck! I will continue to do it, though.


clock pic

In my dreams, there is a recycling center. You know a one stop shop like a super Walmart or Target. A place where I can pull up and unload the car. A place that has an area for all my recycling. There are bins for all my needs including corks for wine bottles. In my bigger dreams, they have one in each neighborhood.

During the past several years, I have seen more and more advancements in the are of recycling. We still have such a long way to go. In my opinion, the United States is quite far behind Europe in the recycling arena.

One of my favorite resources for recycling is It tells you where to recycling in your neighborhood.

Until then, I will keep loading up the Rav and doing my drop offs. I figure that I spend around four hours a week dropping off recycling and donations. From a time management perspective, this sucks! Oh well, I am saving the earth.

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