The Aftermath Of Christmas- Putting Your Gifts Away

I find them all the time. Gift bags stuck in the back of closets. Gift cards stuck in drawers or filed away. The aftermath of the Christmas holidays can be very overwhelming to everyone. Where do you put all the stuff?

In a perfect scenerio, you have purged before the holiday season. You have made space for the new things coming into your life. Everything has a place.

Well, in most homes, that is not the case. Don’t let the stuffing begin.

* If you get upgraded gifts- like a new coffee pot, dishes, ect- purge the old ones.

* Have an envelope for gift cards. Don’t let those valuable cards float around your home.

* When giving gifts to your kids, be realistic about what will fit into your home. Do you have the space for certain items? Advise well meaning family and friends about space constraints in your home.

* For the person that has everything, consider consumable gifts. Tea, coffee, or even a fruit basket. Don’t give them something they don’t need or want.

* Don’t let those new gifts sit. Put them away immediately.

* If you need to make returns, do that as well. It has been estimated that 4 million returns happen each year after Christmas. Don’t feel guilty. I had a friend give me some wine charms(all my glasses are stemless). I had no use for them so I returned them for some candle holders which I love.

Happy New Year!!

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