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The Aftermath Of Christmas- Putting Your Gifts Away

I find them all the time. Gift bags stuck in the back of closets. Gift cards stuck in drawers or filed away. The aftermath of the Christmas holidays can be very overwhelming to everyone. Where do you put all the stuff? In a perfect scenerio, you have purged before the holiday season. You have made... Read more »

The Second Bedroom Syndrome; Catching It All

In the city, its a huge upgrade to have an extra bedroom. For several years I worked out of my living room and let guests have the master(the only) when they came to visit. Too many times to count, I have seen this extra room become a catch all. It may have started out as... Read more »

Basement Dumping - Are You Guilty Of It

The basement- The land of no return as I like to call it. Once it goes down there, it never comes out. Are you a basement dumper? Is it easier to add to the pile then to deal with it? Some people spend their entire lives building it up. On many occasions, I have been... Read more »

Christmas Clutter-How To Prevent It

It happens every year around this time. Christmas clutter invades your home and office. Before you know it, you are surrounded in a sea of red and green. As with keeping anything organized- make sure you keep like with like and have a home for everything. Decorating- Get our your Christmas gear and put it... Read more »

Dominicks Closing in Chicago; Making The Most Of The Close Out Sales

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard that Dominicks is closing its Chicagoland stores. Once a giant in the super market industry and a staple in Chicago is going bye bye later this month. This week, Chicagoans have been out in droves looking for bargains. I myself have been three different times. People... Read more »

Curbside Shopping- A Chicago Tradition

Chicago has some of the best shopping in the United States. There is Michigan Ave, Oak Street, and the new Fashion Outlets. And lets not forget the alleys and the curbs. It’s a Chicago tradition to “dumpster dive” as they call it. You can practically decorate your home from driving around the cities alleys. Several... Read more »

Loving/Living With A Hoarder- How To Handle It

Relationships can be challenging. Add hoarding to the mix and it takes it to another level. How do you live/love a hoarder and not lose your mind. How do you peacefully share space? Here are some simple tips to help you with your challenges. * If you have separate homes, don’t give them free reign... Read more »

Clutter Vs Hoarding

Am I a hoarder? Is this the worst place you have seen? Do you think I am going to be a hoarder? Ever since the TV shows came out, there is a great fear of hoarding. Does having a lot of clutter make you a hoarder? No. Do all hoarders houses look like the inside... Read more »

Piles of Clutter- How to Conquer Them

The other day I was in a hurry. A job ran over two hours and I had plans to meet some friends out for some fun. I came home jumped in the shower, put my face on, and ran out the door. I left my work bag on the kitchen table, coat hanging on a... Read more »

The Reality of Recycling; It's a Time Suck

Green is the new black. Everyone is jumping on the recycling bandwagon. Myself included! Last week I left a clients home with a loaded down car. In order to dispose of everything properly, here is what I did: * First stop was to salvation army to drop off donations. * Next up was Pearl Vision... Read more »