Loving/Living With A Hoarder- How To Handle It

Relationships can be challenging. Add hoarding to the mix and it takes it to another level. How do you live/love a hoarder and not lose your mind. How do you peacefully share space? Here are some simple tips to help you with your challenges.

piles of clutter

* If you have separate homes, don’t give them free reign over your space. Little by little, they will fill it up. If you do agree to give them a little space, set some guidelines.

* I have seen some couples in which the person with the hoarding/collecting tendencies is given a room or an area to keep their stuff. They have an agreement with their partner that it won’t filter to other areas of the house.

* Categorize the collections or items. If your partner collects clothes or shoes, keep them all together. If they know what they have, it might slow down the purchasing of other items.

* Show them love and compassion not anger. If you show them anger, they will rebel against you and bring more in the house. Hoarding is an illness.

* If they are open, get them some professional help. Hoarding often starts when a person has been through a life transformation or tragedy. Make sure you choose a therapist that has experience who has experience with ocd/hoarding/depression.

* If they are open to purging, ask them were they want to begin. They need to feel in control of the process.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your home won’t be transformed immediately. This process will take time. There might also be some backsliding. Be patient!!

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