Dominicks Closing in Chicago; Making The Most Of The Close Out Sales

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard that Dominicks is closing its Chicagoland stores. Once a giant in the super market industry and a staple in Chicago is going bye bye later this month.

This week, Chicagoans have been out in droves looking for bargains. I myself have been three different times. People are team shopping, racing down isles, and getting a little cray cray.

Did you maniacally run through the isles tossing stuff in your cart, as did the ladies that were in line with me at the check out( I didn’t dare tell them that I was an organizer). Or, did you have a game plan?


I bet you can gues what I did. I had a game plan. I decided to focus on non perishable items for my shopping spree. Items that I could store in my pantry or freezer.

For round one of my close out shopping trip, I chose to focus on cans and cat litter. The cat isn’t picky, so whatever what a good deal would work. As far as cans go, I made a list of the things that I use most in my cooking such as chicken broth, diced tomatoes, and black beans. The items I chose, were on sale with the Dominicks card and also part of the 50% off sale. I snuck away with 6 things of cat litter( I would have gotten more but there was another lady loading up as well and I didn’t want to be that greedy).

As far as the cans go, I made out like a bandit. I also made sure to check they expiration dates on everything I put in my cart. The only things that they were out of on my list were tomato paste and sauce.

Round two, I decided to focus on misc items. I made a list of condiments, snacks, and frozen veggies. This time I didn’t make out like a bandit but I did make some purchases. One box of my favorite granola bars was left. I scored alot of frozen veggies. Again, they were on sale and then another 50% off. Bacon was also an amazing deal.

On my third trip, I ventured into the wine isle. The wine wasn’t part of the sale, but most of it was marked down. If you know your wine prices, you are in luck. I got one particular brand that was regularly $47 for 30. Most of the other stuff was anywhere from 3 to 10 dollars off per bottle. Some of it was a good deal, some of it wasn’t.

So if you choose to participate in the madness:

1. Make a target list
2. know your prices
3. Check expiration dates
4. Don’t impulse buy
5. Buy things you know you will use

Happy Shopping!

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