Christmas Clutter-How To Prevent It

It happens every year around this time. Christmas clutter invades your home and office. Before you know it, you are surrounded in a sea of red and green.


As with keeping anything organized- make sure you keep like with like and have a home for everything.

Decorating- Get our your Christmas gear and put it up. Any extra stuff that you don’t use should be put away. Each year, when you take out your Christmas decor, its a good time to purge it. Styles and taste can change.

Cards- Make sure you have a place to put all those wonderful incoming wishes. You can use curtain wire and clips to hang them up or a simple Christmas card hanger will do.

Wrapping Supplies- Check out what you have left over from last year. Don’t let those extra supplies sit. Use them up. This is one of the biggest waste factors I see in homes. Wrap up your gifts and put it away. Since you only use this paper once a year, I would store it with christmas decor vs your regular wrapping paper.

Gifts- I can’t tell you how many times I have seen random gift bags floating around homes well after Christmas. Take out your gifts and put them away. All other gifts should be under the tree for Christmas morning.

Christmas Munchies- Everyone likes to give candy and cookies for the holiday. If you don’t intend on eating them, pass them onto a neighbor or friend. Another way to dispose of them- put them out at your holiday party.

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