Basement Dumping - Are You Guilty Of It

The basement- The land of no return as I like to call it. Once it goes down there, it never comes out. Are you a basement dumper? Is it easier to add to the pile then to deal with it? Some people spend their entire lives building it up. On many occasions, I have been called in to clear them out.

old basement

Its a big task and can be overwhelming to some. Where and how do you start the process?

* Start in one corner and work your way around the room

* If you have the space, set up a staging area- donate, trash, sell, and recycle

* If your items are boxed or binned up, take one bin at a time and go through it

* Re-containerize items that you are keeping-like with like

* Label your boxes and bins

After the initial sorting is finished, you will clearly be able to what type of storage space you need. If you don’t already, set up some shelving to accomodate your boxes and bins.

Some older basements have multiple closets for storage. Other basements have wall space that is perfect for shelving. If your room is multi use, then try to contain the storage items to one area.

For the items that you are getting rid of, think Craigslist, Ebay, or Freecycle. You can also call in a donation pick up to the charity of your choice.

In my almost ten years of experience, I have found that a basement can take from 4 to 30 hours depending on the size and the amount of stuff you have to sort. Break the project down into manageable little time slots.

In order to avoid being a basement dumper- deal with items on an as needed basis. Keep a bag or box for donations. If you decide to keep it, containerize it in a labeled box or bin.

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