When Stuff Becomes Trash-Those Items Just Sitting In Your Home

In my childhood bedroom sits a huge pile of stuffed animals. Some of them were mine, most of them my sisters. We both have told our mom to donate or toss them. They have sat for over 20 years gathering dust. A once viable item is turning to waste. No one will want to expose their kids to that.


stuffed aminals

So what is wasting away in your home? What have you upgraded or replaced that was just put in a closet or basement? Coffe pots? Yup that is a big one. Pots and pans? Another great find in a basement along with dishes.

Why can’t we just let things go when we are done with then. Why do most things end up in the last of the lost. Like that treadmill that is now being used as a gathering place for clothes.

Is it the guilt? Was it a gift? Did a family member give it to you? Everyone has a reason why they can’t let go. Then the viability of the item goes down. With new technology and designs, people don’t want the old stuff.

Lets take talk about the ever changing tv. Everyone wants a flat screen. Do you know how many people still have those big box tv’s? Lots of them. Sometimes you will find someone that will pay a few bucks for one on craigslist. Most of the time, they aren’t worth anything. If you put them in the alley, the dumpster divers will take then for the metals and parts.

So next time you replace or upgrade something-get rid of the old. Donate it, sell it, or give it to a friend or family member. Don’t let it sit until its worthless. Don’t add another piece to the landfill. Let it be used and loved.

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