What not to stock up on in your pantry

The pantry- home of the good, bad, and expired. I have seen it all. It amuses me that I find the same unused and expired items in the majority of homes. Here is my top list of what you should not stock up on in the pantry.

* Spices- Unless your family is the size of the Duggars, you don’t need to buy the industrial sized spices. Most spices have a short shelf life and they lose their flavor after expiration.


* Pumpkin Pie Filling- Everyone gets excited about Thanksgiving and buys a few extra cans. You plan to make another pie during the year. Does it happen? Probably not.

* Left over noodles (lasagne is the big winner here). So you didn’t use all the noodles in your recipe. Don’t let it sit and go bad. Momma Kelly used to smack some cheese and butter on them and make a little side dish of mac and cheese. I still do this!

* Sauce and Seasoning Packets- Do you have a basket full? I find them all the time. Only buy a few at a time. No one makes that much ranch dip or tacos (except my bff Steph).

* Open chips bags/crackers- Variety is the spice of life. I find that most families have a few bags open at a time. The same goes with crackers. To save space, sometimes I find the remains in zip lock bags. If you are finding a lot of waste in this department, try buying snack sized portions.

chip bag

* Candy- You tried to hide it from the kids or your spouse and you forgot it. I aways find that goodie bag(that you hid a few years ago).

* Tupperware- Last but definately not least, your tupperware collection. First of all, you need to switch it out to the BPA free stuff. Keep yourself healthy. Make sure you have sizes that you use and that they have the matching lids. The rest, should be recycle.

* Baking stuff- Unless you bake on a regular basis, you only need to have the basics in your pantry. Why buy all those cake or muffins mixes if you don’t have a use for them.

So there you have it, what not to overstock in your pantry.

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