The Big Shift; When Your Whole Home Needs An Organizing Overhaul

Sometimes life takes over and your home gets out of control. Every space becomes blurred. The former storage solutions are no more. Your home has become downright chaotic.

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How do you even begin when your whole home needs an organizing overhaul? Here are some tips to help you get started with the process:

1. Go through each room, closet, and space with pad and paper in hand. Take a piece of paper for each room and write down your projects/goals.

2. Set up a timeline for yourself. Prioritize your projects. What is causing you the most agony?

3. Pick a starting point. Kitchens and bathrooms are easy fixes.

5. Don’t bounce from project to project. Finish one room or area at a time.

6. Relocate items to the proper space, even if it means creating another pile. Some rooms will get worse before they get better. If you have the space, create a staging area for items that need to find a home.

7. If your time is limited, break down your projects into mini projects.

8. Get it out. Don’t let those donations sit. Have a pick up scheduled and load up the car. If you have to wait a few days to get your donations out, put then in a separate space. Don’t let them get mixed back in with your stuff.

One space at a time, you can turn your home around. The most important tip I can give you- daily maintenance. No one can keep an organized and clean home without it! If needed, write up a maintenance/cleaning schedule for your home. Daily maintenance will prevent massive build ups!!

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