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Tis The Season To Purge- Your Stuff

As we embark on the holiday season, and everyone is getting ready to celebrate, my phone is going crazy. Yes, tis the season to purge your home. Out with the old and in with the new they say with the new year. So how do you get your home ready for the holidays without losing... Read more »

Organizing Your Earrings- A Few Tips

In Texas they say go big or go home. I feel that way about my earrings. I was never a shoe or purse gal, but give me a good pair of earrings and I am happy. And now that big earrings are back, I am wishing I would have saved some of my crazy stuff... Read more »

The Big Shift; When Your Whole Home Needs An Organizing Overhaul

Sometimes life takes over and your home gets out of control. Every space becomes blurred. The former storage solutions are no more. Your home has become downright chaotic. How do you even begin when your whole home needs an organizing overhaul? Here are some tips to help you get started with the process: 1. Go... Read more »

Organizing Annabelle, What I Taught My Niece

I knew as soon as I saw that beautiful baby that we were kindred spirits. Yes, my precious niece has inherited what I call the “Crazy Organizing Gene.” At the age of three, my favorite thing to do was empty my whole toy box(a huge old fashioned one built by papa) and then put all... Read more »

What not to stock up on in your pantry

The pantry- home of the good, bad, and expired. I have seen it all. It amuses me that I find the same unused and expired items in the majority of homes. Here is my top list of what you should not stock up on in the pantry. * Spices- Unless your family is the size... Read more »

The Heartbreak Of Hoarding

I am a very sensitive person by nature. A people pleaser to a huge fault. Yup, that is me. I always want to make everyone happy or the things I touch more organized. In my mind, the world should be a pretty place. We also should have a field of flowers in our backyard. This... Read more »

Handling An Estate; It Takes A Village

Lately I have been working on a few projects that include clearing out estates. There are two types of estate jobs. One in which the person has passed away, and the other in which the person is moving to assisted living. Regardless, this is a very emotional job. I know many people who have let... Read more »

When Stuff Becomes Trash-Those Items Just Sitting In Your Home

In my childhood bedroom sits a huge pile of stuffed animals. Some of them were mine, most of them my sisters. We both have told our mom to donate or toss them. They have sat for over 20 years gathering dust. A once viable item is turning to waste. No one will want to expose... Read more »

Kids Clothes; Letting Go Of Your Arsenal

Do you have an arsenal of kids out grown clothes? Are you waiting for the right person to give them to? So you keep binning, stacking, and shoving them under the beds and in the closets (space that you need). One day that niece with have kids or your brother might get married. So they... Read more »

Do You Need a Home Office: Necessary or Not

The home office; everyone feels they need one. I find it fascinating that a task our parents once did on the kitchen table now needs a whole room. So my question to you is- Do you need a home office? I spend a lot of time organizing home offices. Paper ends up in piles vs... Read more »