Organizing Your Earrings- A Few Tips

In Texas they say go big or go home. I feel that way about my earrings. I was never a shoe or purse gal, but give me a good pair of earrings and I am happy. And now that big earrings are back, I am wishing I would have saved some of my crazy stuff from the 80’s.

So how should we organize our bling? My mom and I borrowed an idea from Grandma Kessler, we use a canvas piece of plastic to hang up our bling.

earing solution

You can purchase this lovely piece of plastic canvas at Jo Ann Fabric for a mere 40 cents. I slip a hanger through it and hang in in the closet. When I am putting together an outfit (the rare times I am not in my ratty work clothes), they are right in view. This solution works for all earrings but is especially great for those big ones we all love to wear.

While searching the internet, I found a sight called Tom’s Earring Holders. If you want to have your earrings sit out on a dresser, or hang on a wall, check this out:

earring organizer

nice earring holder

If you prefer to keep your jewelry in a drawer, here are some drawer inserts that will work for you. These are nice cases, but only work if you wear small earrings.


So whether you like the big ones or go conservative, its important to have your accessories organized. As with any other organizing project, you want to keep like with. When you take off your earrings at the end of the day, put them away. This will prevent loss or damage.

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