Organizing Annabelle, What I Taught My Niece

I knew as soon as I saw that beautiful baby that we were kindred spirits. Yes, my precious niece has inherited what I call the
“Crazy Organizing Gene.”


At the age of three, my favorite thing to do was empty my whole toy box(a huge old fashioned one built by papa) and then put all the toys back in an organized manner. Annabelle loved to wash dishes and clean. She could not stand a sink full of dishes.

When I visit my precious Annabelle, we do fun things like going to the zoo, the park, and watching barbie movies. We also work on little projects. My first project was reorganizing my sister’s closet. Annabelle walked in and was horrified with all the clothes on the bed. She yelled at me to clean up my big mess. My sister told me that she doesn’t like messes or things out of order(sounds familiar).

One day we worked on organizing her bling and jewelry(I bought most of it, I confess). We took out all her stuff out and she watched me start the sorting process. She jumped in and helped sort. Like with like, I told her. I was impressed how quick she caught on to the process. I told her it was like putting a puzzle together(another favorite activity).

Next up was her craft area. She plopped down on the floor and helped me sort. We even labeled all the containers.

So when my sister posted this picture on facebook of her sorting her homework, I beamed with pride! Sorry sis, you thought you would have a doctor or lawyer as a daughter! I see organizing in her future!!

annabelle gets organized

Kids can organize! Your child may or may not be like my precious Annabelle. Here are some tips to help them with the process:

* Don’t over crowd their space and expect them to keep it organized
* Make sure they have a place for everything
* When you do organizing projects with your child, keep them short. Break down your projects into mini projects.
* Make it fun!

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