Kids Clothes; Letting Go Of Your Arsenal

Do you have an arsenal of kids out grown clothes? Are you waiting for the right person to give them to? So you keep binning, stacking, and shoving them under the beds and in the closets (space that you need). One day that niece with have kids or your brother might get married. So they just sit.

In many of the homes that I help organize, they are taking up primary space that the home owner could use for other things. Sometimes its hard to let go of things.

You should keep these clothes, only if you are thinking of having another child. Why recreate the wheel? Bin them up by size and season. Make sure that you label them.

Some larger families, have a system where they pass clothing down to other relatives. This works out quite well. Don’t feel guilted to keep a bunch of boxes or bins if you don’t have the space.

Here are some tips for getting out those kids clothes:

* We purge our closets every season- you should do the same with your kids.

* If the clothes are being passed down to a sibling, see if you can store the next size in their closet. Other larger sizes can be put in more cold storage like a basement or attic.

* There are consignment stores that specialize in childrens clothes. Once Upon A Child is a more popular one. They will give you money for what they sell or store credit.

* Charities such as women’s shelters are always looking for clothing donations for the clients they serve.

* Or you can always donate at Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Clearing the non current clothes out of your kids room will make it much easier for you to manage the current stuff.

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