Handling An Estate; It Takes A Village

Lately I have been working on a few projects that include clearing out estates. There are two types of estate jobs. One in which the person has passed away, and the other in which the person is moving to assisted living. Regardless, this is a very emotional job. I know many people who have let their families homes sit for years before tackling the stuff.

So how do you start this overwhelming process? First of all you make an evaluation. If there are enough sellable items, then you can have an estate sale at the home.

If your relative has passed away, then the heirs may want to have some of the items. If the will leaves things specifically to a person, then they should take them. For the items left, use post it notes to place on what you would like. At the end of the day, go room from room and and decide who gets what. If multiple people want the same thing, then discuss. Everyone has to compromise.

The most important thing you can do is call in a professional! A professional estate planner can realistically tell you what will sell and the value of items. They have a group of buyers, auction houses, and antiques stores. Don’t be upset but those things your grandmother cherished are probably not in high demand anymore.

In order to prepare for them (most of them will charge you manpower for sorting and clearing out misc items), clear out the items that family members are going to take. Also go through and get rid of the items that are trash or unsellable. Put like with like. The better picture you can provide, the easier and quicker, they can do their job.

An estate professional can have your home or your relatives home cleared out in a quick and efficient manner.

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