Do You Need a Home Office: Necessary or Not

The home office; everyone feels they need one. I find it fascinating that a task our parents once did on the kitchen table now needs a whole room. So my question to you is- Do you need a home office?

I spend a lot of time organizing home offices. Paper ends up in piles vs files. Misc household items creep in the corners. Sometimes these rooms become catch all. Some people don’t even like working in them(if they are in a basement or upstairs). I see laptops on kitchen counters and living rooms. Piles of paper that never make it to the office.

If you work at home, you need a home office or a work station. I personally set one up for myself. For the first several years of running my business, I worked in my living room. I lived in a small one bedroom apartment and that was the only space I had to place a small desk. I found that I could not stop working or thinking about work. It was always right in front of me. Now I can turn it off (or try to).

office pic

With a world going paperless, there is no need for big file cabinets anymore. You can let that paper go and work in a more efficient manner. I have turned small closets into work areas.

If you do choose to set up a home office:

* Decorate it. Make it cozy so you want to spend time there.
* Change all your bills and financial statements to paperless form.
* Set up a small filing system for paper you need to keep.
* Don’t over purchase office supplies.
* Organize your desk drawers with the essentials.
* Don’t let it become a catch all.

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