When The Child Becomes The Parent- Helping My Mom

In the last several years, my normally healthy tough mom has had the miss fortune of being sick. First it was the knee replacement, then breast cancer, skin cancer, and the lastest – a hysterectomy. Its been quite the ride for the Kelly family. Each time she has come through with a full recovery.

Don’t worry about us. We have it down by now. Once the surgery is scheduled, Dad gives us a call and schedules a plane flight home to Texas. Yup, my sister and I each take a shift. We leave our big cities and head home to the motherland of Texarkana. The tiny Texas town where we grew up.

We assume the role of caregiver for a women who always took such good care of us. In most homes we would be cleaning, cooking, and doing the laundry. The stubborn women that we call mom, has everything done beforehand.

We insist we are there to help. Hey, you can only read the good housekeeping magazines so many times and there is only one bar in town.

Last time she was instructed to be on bed rest. Like that happened. I would turn around and she would be right behind me. I finally brought her a bell and told her to stay put.

I like to think that I have two gifts to share. I am a wiz at organizing and I love to cook. I don’t consider myself gourmet by any means but I can whip up a great meal.

So when I am sent for, instead of sitting still (which I suck at), I spend my time in the kitchen. I cook and I cook. My mom will argue that she doesn’t need the food but I don’t listen. I even invite a friend over to share in the fun. I fill up her freezer so she has a month of dinners when I leave. Meatloaves, soup, pasta, and chicken dishes are part of the mix. This time we even made muffins.


In non-organizer fashion, I don’t label the food. I like her to be suprised. Last time I did leave her a list but she couldn’t find it. Oh well, she loved the veggie soup!

frozen food2


It may sound like a small task but it’s what I am able to do for an independent women who like myself doesn’t like to ask for help.

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