Tasks Not Getting Completed- Here is Why

Are you finding that your tasks aren’t getting completed? You forget about things till months later. That return is overdue and now you can’t get your money back. Don’t worry you are not alone. It happens. Here are some tips to help you get things done.

* I cringe when I see a client or friend identify a task and then put it away. No! No! No! You will forget about it. OSOOM-OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND!!

* Have a staging or launch area for items that need attention. I set things on the corner of my kitchen counter that are going out the door with me each day.

* Have a car-return bag. Load it up the night before, so you don’t forget things.

* If you must put it away (don’t want to deal with it), then make a task list. Keep a running list if things that need to be returned to friends, the store, or handled in some manner.

* I also like to keep my action items in the car. My libary books may sit in the car for a few days, but they are a constant reminder of a task I need to accomplish. Nothing makes me happier then an empty car (right now its full with consigment items and electronic recycle).

* Set goals for yourself. Do a few tasks or errands a day depending on your schedule.

* Don’t let guilt keep things in your home. If you purchased something in the past that you can’t use (that baby gift that sat for 9 months), give it to a friend or donate it.

* Limiting your incoming also helps with task management. Don’t bring it home unless you love it, or truly need it!


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