Storage Units Should Be Usable-Not The Land Of The Lost

City living can be tough. Lack of space and neighbors all around. Its a different way of life then that big old house in the burbs. The biggest challenge people face is trying to fit their stuff in their space.

One place that is often neglected or stuffed to the gills and left is the storage unit. It becomes the land of the lost. Instead of being a viable area, its full of stuff you don’t use or remember.

There are two types of storage units. One is like a cage and they other is what I call the horse stall. I have the second one.

full frontal storage unit

I am very lucky that the neighbors before me built shelves in my storage unit. I am able to have everything on a shelf and use the other wall for hanging items.

So clean out that storage unit! Take it all out and evaluate what you have in it. Spend a little coin and get bins that stack nicely. One of the biggest issues I see in storage units, non stackable items and wasted space.

Here are items that should be in your storage unit:

* holiday decor
* off season items
* memory items
* photos (only if your place is temperature controlled)
* tools (if you don’t have a garage or basement workshop)
* overflow costco items
* luggage
* painting/remodeling supplies

If you have the horse stall storage, add shelving. Use the opposite wall for hanging items such as chairs, snow shovels, ect. Bin and containerize what you can. Keep the floor open if possible. Store items at the end of the shelf closest to the door that you need such as your cosco overflow.

If you have the cage type storage unit, make sure that your containers are stackable. Label everything. Put your luggage in the front. Also use hooks to hang items.

Keep an inventory of what you have in storage!

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