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Holiday Decorations and The Horror- Get Them Organized

If you come to my house during the holidays, you will probably think that I am a scrooge. I don’t have a lot of holiday decor. But I can organize it. Are you one of those people that haphazardly puts away your holiday stuff? Do you shove it in the corner and wait to deal... Read more »

When The Child Becomes The Parent- Helping My Mom

In the last several years, my normally healthy tough mom has had the miss fortune of being sick. First it was the knee replacement, then breast cancer, skin cancer, and the lastest – a hysterectomy. Its been quite the ride for the Kelly family. Each time she has come through with a full recovery. Don’t... Read more »

Tasks Not Getting Completed- Here is Why

Are you finding that your tasks aren’t getting completed? You forget about things till months later. That return is overdue and now you can’t get your money back. Don’t worry you are not alone. It happens. Here are some tips to help you get things done. * I cringe when I see a client or... Read more »

Bulk Shopping And Storage- A Guide To Making It Work

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you are a cosco lover. I confess as well. Nothing makes me happier that not having to buy all the essentials every month. Less shopping time means more time to run the business, write, and have fun. The two main things to consider when bulk shopping are space... Read more »

Storage Units Should Be Usable-Not The Land Of The Lost

City living can be tough. Lack of space and neighbors all around. Its a different way of life then that big old house in the burbs. The biggest challenge people face is trying to fit their stuff in their space. One place that is often neglected or stuffed to the gills and left is the... Read more »

Conquering Your Coat Closet- Get Ready For Winter

As I gaze out the window at the hazy day. I can’t deny it anymore. Winter is enroute to Chicago. So its time to tackle that coat closet. Yup, the closet of no return. The place where things get stashed all year round. It time to find those lost mittens and take those coats to... Read more »

Purging A Family Home; A Story of Regret

When I am working with people and they show me stuff from their grandmother or grandfather, I immediately get teary eyed. All I have from my grandmother is her recipes and some costume jewelry. A few years ago, after my grandmother’s fifth heart attack, it was decided that she could not live alone and needed... Read more »

Saving Stuff For The Next (Bigger) Home; A Good Or Bad Idea

I work with a lot of people that are in their first homes. Almost all of them have stuff that they are saving for a future home. Whether it’s a weekend retreat or a bigger home one day. They have stuff. Boxes and bins fill up their storage areas or extra space. Is it a... Read more »

Organizing; Getting It Right The First Time

Do you find yourself organizing and re-organizing the same things over and over again. You can never seem to keep it right. Don’t worry you are not alone. I have walked into homes several years after I have organized them only to find the systems gone. I may see a trace of something such as... Read more »

ADHD Awareness Month 2013; Organizing Tips That Really Work

Octber is ADHD awareness month. The American Psychiatric Association estimates that 15 million Americans suffer from ADHD. This condition is characterized by lack of focus and impulsiveness. In many cases it comes with commabitities such as depression or defiance. I have a life time of experience in working with those that have ADD challenges. You... Read more »