Organizing; Getting It Right The First Time

Do you find yourself organizing and re-organizing the same things over and over again. You can never seem to keep it right.

Don’t worry you are not alone. I have walked into homes several years after I have organized them only to find the systems gone. I may see a trace of something such as a bin with labels but that is it. In its place, new systems or furniture pieces. An attempt to make changes- and not always for the better.

So why aren’t your systems working? Read on my friend.

* You are not in love with the system. When I work with clients, I brainstorm with them to find the best system. I have found that if they aren’t totally in love with it, it will fall by the wayside. Keep the pretty pretty, I say!

* Too many categories are crammed into one area. After 9 years on the job, I can tell when a system will fail. If you are shoving too much stuff in one place, there will be a break down. If it’t too hard to put it away, then you won’t.

* Your organizing solutions suck. You heard me right. You bought some cheap bins or shelfing that are falling apart. It never worked right to begin with and you hate it. Its better to spend a little coin on something that is durable then to buy something that won’t last very long. If you are on a budget, do one project at a time and complete it with good products. It’s worth the wait.

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