Holiday Decorations and The Horror- Get Them Organized

If you come to my house during the holidays, you will probably think that I am a scrooge. I don’t have a lot of holiday decor. But I can organize it.

Are you one of those people that haphazardly puts away your holiday stuff? Do you shove it in the corner and wait to deal with it next year? Then you pull it all out the next year and its a mess. You are not alone.

Its so much fun to decorate for the season but taking it down-not so much. We are often tired from the holidays and just want to get it done. By not probably protecting and storing your stuff, you will have damage.

* Containerize- Store as much as you possibly can in stackable bins. If you have items like department 56- store them in the original boxes. Don’t leave items laying around the place.


* Keep like with like.

* Each year when you decorate evaluate your decorations. What do you use and what don’t you use. Yes, I am talking about those little gifts that people give you- candles ect.

* Store in the same area. In a perfect world- you would have a basement lined with shelves.

* Label your containers.

* Its okay to combine small holidays like fall decor and Thanksgiving.

* Keep kids artwork in a separate area so it doesn’t get damaged.

One thing I see most often is misc holiday items floating around the home during the year. Pack them up. Holiday linen should be packed with the holiday that are meant to be used with.

And most importantly-enjoy your holiday!!

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