Conquering Your Coat Closet- Get Ready For Winter

As I gaze out the window at the hazy day. I can’t deny it anymore. Winter is enroute to Chicago. So its time to tackle that coat closet. Yup, the closet of no return. The place where things get stashed all year round. It time to find those lost mittens and take those coats to the dry cleaners.

The coat closet should be simple. Many of us use it for a stashing place (especially in city, where we are short on space). I never owned a lot of coats until I moved to Chicago- the land of many weather changes.


STEP ONE– Remove your seasonal stuff. You know that ravinia chair, picnic basket, beach bag. If you have a basement and your closet is crowded- take them out. If you have a huge hall closet, (lucky you) they can stay.

STEP TWO-Bring out the winter coats. Most people have to switch coats seasonally. Bring out your winter and fall (fleece) coats.

STEP THREE -Time to sort those mittens and scarves. Make sure everything is still usable and has a match.

STEP FOUR-Containerize your hats, gloves, and scarves. Don’t stack them on shelves-they will topple! Any simple basket or bin will do.

STEP FIVE-Keep the floor clean. I store my winter boots here. I don’t want to be dragging them throught the house during the winter. Some people also store their vacuum cleaner here.


STEP SIX-Be creative. The previous owners left hooks in the closet. I ended up using them for my umbrellas and main purse. It makes for easy access.


The key to an organized coat closet- keep it simple and containerized!

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