Bulk Shopping And Storage- A Guide To Making It Work

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you are a cosco lover. I confess as well. Nothing makes me happier that not having to buy all the essentials every month. Less shopping time means more time to run the business, write, and have fun.

The two main things to consider when bulk shopping are space and usage.

What do you use that warrants a bulk purchase?

* vitamins- these last for a year or two- perfect bulk buy
* toilet paper- especially for a family this makes sense
* zip lock bags-these are the biggest offender-just say no!
* toiletries- you can’t go wrong with that big ole body wash

Everyone has a different lifestyle and different needs. Think about your usage level before you buy it in bulk.

Where should you store it?

If you live in a house with a basement, you are so darn lucky. Set up some nice shelving or cabinets and create a cosco area. As with any organizing project, group like with like. Food, cleaning, ect.

A closet will work just as well for storing your bulk purchases. I have seen some people shelf them from floor to ceiling for that purpose.

And for those of us that are space challenged- you just have to be creative.

In my condo, I have several different overflow areas.

* I have an overflow bin for extra toiletries in my linen closet
* Three small shelves in my laundry room serve as overflow storage
* Shelf space in my storage unit holds a multitude of cat litter ect..

I have also had clients use space under their beds, in ottomans, and misc cabinets.

The key to bulk shopping is to know what you have and have a space to store it!

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