ADHD Awareness Month 2013; Organizing Tips That Really Work

Octber is ADHD awareness month. The American Psychiatric Association estimates that 15 million Americans suffer from ADHD. This condition is characterized by lack of focus and impulsiveness. In many cases it comes with commabitities such as depression or defiance.

I have a life time of experience in working with those that have ADD challenges. You see, it runs in my family. For years I have seen my relatives suffer with the many challenges that come with the diagnosis. When I started my business over nine years ago, I also chose to educate myself on ADHD.

Based on my years helping family and as an organizer, I have found certain things that work and others that don’t. Here are some of my top ADHD tips to help you get and stay organized.

* Based on your neurological make up, you can break down piles in your mind and separate where things should go- don’t let the piles begin.

* Do daily maintenance in your home. Again, don’t let the build up begin. Make you bed, put dishes in the dishwasher, and clothes in the hamper.

* Limit the incoming in your life. This is important from all aspects of your life. Unsubscribe from email newsletters, get on the do not call list and opt out of catalogs through the mail.

* Don’t keep adding to your life without subtracting. Purge on a regular basis.

* Put like with like. Make sure you know what you have. Label shelves and containers.

* Make a list before you go shopping and stick to it.

The most important thing of all is to educate yourself on ADHD. Read those books. Understand how it affects you socially, personally, and at work. Once you understand your diagnosis, you can go about making positive changes in your life.

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