Do You Buy Stuff For The Life You Have Or Want

I was working in a home the other week that had a lot of cool kitchen stuff. Platters, salt and pepper shakers, you name it, I put it away. I was in awe. Being a big cook myself, I didn’t have half of those items. I asked the client if she threw a lot parties. I was shocked to find out that she didn’t entertain or cook.

I immediately thought of the movie, In Her Shoes. In this movie, the serious sister, has an amazing collection of shoes that she never wears. She buys then for a life that she wants to have but doesn’t live. She even has a custom closet for her shoes. They just sit there. She just stares at them in awe.


So how many of us buy things and spend money to store them for a life we don’t have but want? We fill our homes with dreams of a fantasy life that we would like to lead. We spend thousands of dollars to store these things- things that we don’t need or use.

I went through a life change nine years ago when I left corporate america. I had a closet full of suits. I took them and consigned them all. Now my wardrobe consists of t shirts and cargo pants. Its a far cry from those suits and silk shirts that I used to strut around in for work.

Think about it. What is clogging up your home- that you don’t use or that isn’t a part of your life? Is it time to make an evaluation? Time to let go or create that life you want??

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