Wasting Peoples Time - Guilty or Not

I was pissed off last week. Twice at the request of people, I scheduled an actual time for a conference call. And you guessed it, twice the phone didn’t ring. As you can imagine, I am a busy gal(like the rest of you). Both times, I sat waiting at home when I had a bunch of errands to run. I also had a salesperson who kept texting me vs calling me one time to set up an appointment. Needless to say, I went elsewhere. I guess they didn’t realize the value of time.


Are you wasting other peoples time and not realizing it? I think we all are a little guilty of this. Here are some ways to not be a time waster:

* You don’t need to call people for everything. Email and text is much quicker. If you text, make sure you sign your name.

* Assume whatever business you are dealing with(even if they work out of the house) has normal business hours. If you need to contact after hours, send an email.

* Plan your conversation before you call someone. If you are calling a service provider, make a list of what you want to ask them.

Here are some ways to politely educate people that you deal with on a personal and professional level to understand your time constraints:

* Let people know what are good times to call you. I tell everyone that I am an early bird and am happy to take calls between 6 and 8 am. I also let people know that morning and mid day, I am most likely with a client and unable to chat.

* Set boundaries. This has been a tough one for me. I let people know what is my personal time. I have so little of it and it is cherished!!

* Advise people your preferred method of communication. Sometimes a conversation is required. I personally talk to all new and potential clients.

* Set aside time for communication.

We all our busy! Lets enjoy life and respect each other!

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