Ten Items You Don't Need Accessible In Your Home

Most of us have limited storage or space in our homes. Often I find people have put things in prime space that they don’t use on a regular basis. Here is my top ten list of things that can be stored and don’t have to be right in front of you.

1. Photo Albums- Unless you have the shelf space, these should be put away somewhere. Most people don’t look at them on a regular basis.

2. Holiday Decor- These items are used only once a year. They can be in your “cold” storage or your least accessible area. Make sure that you containerize them and label the bins.

3. Luggage- I don’t understand the luggage love. Don’t let it take up space in your master closet. Unless you travel each week, it can be put away. Also, most people need a bag/luggage evaluation. How much of it do you really use. Who still has their garment bags?

4. Seasonal Activity Items- We all have the ravinia stash or tailgating stuff. These items are used for specific events and don’t need to take up our prime space.

5. Tools- Unless you are in a rehab process, these can be put away. If you live in a condo, I would suggest having a small tool box and keeping it in your laundry area or storage. The only tools, I would consider putting in a junk drawer are screwdrivers.

6. Paint Supplies-Yup. Everyone loves there painting stuff. Don’t crowd your hall closet or laundry room- store it if possible.

7. Entertaining Items- Do you really need all those paper and plastic products in your pantry or taking up cabinet space? No! No! No! If you have a basement, create an entertaining shelf or area.

8. Memory items- Bin those babies up! I have seen too many “paper” memories damaged because they float around from space to space. Containize your precious memories. They can be stored at the top of a closet or storage area.

9. Seasonal Hobby or Sports Items- Those ice skates don’t need to be in your hall closet during the heat of the summer.

10. Sports shirts- Consider containerizing these and bringing them down as needed. Include your matching hats with them (you know you have them).

So there you have it. Ten things this organizer doesn’t want to find taking up your prime storage space.

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