Tackling The Toy Room: Ways to Make it More Functional

The terror of the toy room. In the last week, I have worked on five of these rooms of terror. Yup. I sat my happy heiny on the floor and sorted and sorted. Unless you have a kid that is a freak like me (takes out one toy at a time and puts it back), then don’t expect perfection. Aim for zoning, sorted toys, and containers. Make it functional for you and your child.

How to begin? Pick out a design or shelving. My favorite design is using the elfa system and shelving one wall or building in a wall of shelves.

elfa system

Regular bookshelves, or cabinets will also work well in your toy room. I know a lot of people want to use low shelving so that their kids can reach all the toys, but you lose so much space.

Once you set up your layout, you are ready to sort and containerize.

1. Get some containers- I am a big fan of the container store clear bins. My favorite sizes for sorting toys are the regular shoe bin, mens shoe bin, and sweater bins.

clear bins

2. Sit down and start sorting.

3. Donate or give away the toys that you child has grown out of or doesn’t play with.

4. Containerize what you have left and label each container.

5. Zone your room. Put like with like. Create a puzzle area, art, barbies, ect.

6. Make sure that you have the most used toys accessible or at eye level.

7. Consider letting go of the toy chest. They are a recipe for a mess. In my opinion, they are good for dolls or stuffed animals only.

8. Personalize the room. Add those little decorative touches.

9. Engage your kids. You would be amazed at how many kids will actually help you with the process. Make a game out of it.




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