Purse Organization; What Every Purse Lover Needs to Know

Do you do the mad purse switch a few times a week? Rarely does everything you need make it into the new bag. Months later when you do a clean out, you find that missing lipstick, receipts, ect. Is this a constant source of frustration for you?


I was at a party a few years ago, when the subject of purse switching came up. One of the women said that her boyfriend (an engineer) suggested that she have a main purse and consider the other ones to be sub purses. I thought this was a great idea and even took it a step further.

Here are some of my tips for the ease of purse switching.

* Containerize as many items as you can for easy moving.

* Keep some basics in your main purses you use (for me its business cards and lipstick)

* Have a small wallet that you can move from purse to purse. There is no need to carry all your credit cards and discount cards with you all the time. Keep those in your office or kitchen drawer.

* Don’t recreate the wheel. I have a separate purse that I use for work. I always have cash, business cards and a few other essentials in it. Its small and fits perfectly in my work bag. Each morning I add my debit card and drivers license.

* Empty out your receipts in your office at the end of each day. Don’t let them sit in your purse.

* Every few months, clean out all your purses.

* At the end of the switch, put the items back in your main purse. Put the sub purse away. Repeat the process!

Enjoy your bags!!

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