Moving Made Simple; It's All About The Game Plan

I don’t know anyone that likes to move. Its just not a fun process. Depending on your type of move, you can spend months getting ready for the big day.

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First of all, start out with a game plan. If you are moving to a place that is around the same size, you won’t have to do a lot of extreme evaluation. If you are downsizing, that adds another layer onto your move.

Get out your tape measure and create a floor plan for your new place. Decide what furniture you will be taking with you. Whatever doesn’t work in your new place, should be 1. put on craiglist 2. given to a consignment store or 3. donated. This is your biggest project aside from packing.

After you have made your floor plan and started to divest yourself of furniture that won’t work, go room by room and do a purge. While you are purging, pack up items that you don’t use all the time (books, off season clothes, memory items).

If possible, create a packing area and neatly stage the boxes. This could be in the corner of a basement or even in a closet.

moving boxes

It’s important to clearly label your boxes. I like to use post it labels to color code each room. This will also help the movers place your boxes in the correct area.

post it lables

Set daily and weekly goals for yourself. Give yourself as much time as possible. If you have six months, take the six months time. I personally started packing three months before I even found my new place. I packed a few boxes per day. By The time I moved, everything was ready to go. It was as painless as possible.

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