How To Organize Your Home: Getting The Process Started

I get calls all the time from people that are on a budget and don’t have the funds to have yours truly come in and make their place shine. With kids, car payments, and a mortgage sometimes there isn’t enough for extras.

Organizing isn’t rocket science and you can do it yourself. Yes, with the right game plan and some dedicated time, anyone can make over their home. Here are some steps to help you on your path to organization!

MAKE A GAME PLAN -Get out a pad of paper. At the top each page, write down the name of a room. Do your own walk through. Write down a list for each room of your projects that need to be done.


PRIORITIZE-Are you having paper management issues? Are you late to work each morning because you can’t find your clothes? What project can you tackle to make a big change in your life?

ANALYZE EACH PROJECT-After you have made your project list and priorized some the the tasks you would like to complete, take a look at what you need. Sometimes its not feasible to do a project right away because you need a lot of supplies or have to build out a closet. Kitchen and bathroom projects tend to require the least amount of supplies.

SET GOALS/TIMELINE– When you do want to be done? Are you having company? Getting ready to put your home on the market?

CARVE OUT THE TIME-Put it down on your calendar. Block out some time where you can complete your project. Clear as many of the interruptions out of your life that day. Turn off the phone and get ready to tackle your home.


FOCUS-Focus on one project at a time. Don’t jump around. You will feel better when you have one project fully completed.

You can do it! Happy Organizing!!

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