Five Reasons Your Kid's Room Looks Like A Disaster Area

So your kid’s room is a mess. You are at your wits end and don’t know where to begin or what to do. Don’t worry you are not alone. I hear this all the time. Before you throw the baby out with the bath water, lets talk reality. Part of the problem could be the way the room is set up. You can’t expect your little one to keep a room in order without the proper stuff!


Here are my top five reasons disaster occurs and fixes for your childs room:

1. TOO MUCH STUFF IN ONE PLACE-This is the most common one. Unless you have a McMansion, the average size of a bedroom is 12×14. After the necessary stuff like a bed, bookshelf, and dresser, you have very little wall space left for stuff.

THE FIX-What does your child need in their room. Do they play in it? Read books? Do homework? Scale down what isn’t needed in that space.

2. NO PROPER STORAGE-This is the second biggest problem that I see. Kids need a clear place to put things.

THE FIX Depending on your space in the room, look into viable storage options. A bookshelf for books. A pop up hamper for stuffed animals. Mini shelves to display trophies, awards, and misc items. Use small clear bins to store sets of toys. Put a label on them so the kids, babysitters, and grandparents know where they should be put away.


3. ITEMS OVERSTUFFED AND NOT CATEGORIZED-Dresser drawers are overstuffed with misc clothes. Nothing has a specific place. Its a free for all.

THE FIX-Sort clothes and put like with like. If its in your budget, get a closet build out to fix your childs clothing needs. A cheaper route is to use a bookshelf for folding clothes or hanging sweater bags. Milk crates even work well for clothing or book storage. If your place is super tiny,store off season clothes under the bed in a bin.


4. SPACE TOO CHAOTIC-There is so much cute stuff on the market for kids rooms. I know its hard to choose what to put in there so you put everything.

THE FIX-Scale back on the decorative items in the room. Let the room breathe and be serene.

5. NO DAILY MAITENANCE-The room isn’t picked up on a daily basis.

THE FIX-Clean up and put away should be a part of the daily routine. Make sure they have a trash can and a hamper(you would be amazed at how many people don’t have one).

Hang in there! A little categorizing, a few new storage options, and your childs room will be transformed!!

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