Desk Organization: What You Need To Know

Between homework, facebook, and home management we all spend quite a bit of time at our desks. And the ironic part of this is that, desk designs are being made smaller and more simple with less storage.

simple desk

If you need a larger desk with more storage, some office stores like office depot sell the Sauder brand which has more components and storage. Also, closet companies can built you a workstation with a lot of storage.


How should your organize your desk?

* What tasks do you complete at your work station? Bill payment? Letter writing? Homework? Home project management?

* You should use your desk storage space for the supplies that you use the most. This is where I see a big failure in most offices. People love their office supplies. What do you really use?

* Use drawer dividers to keep supplies in categories. Don’t overstock yourself. Put like with like so you know what you have.

* Have an overflow supply area. Whether its in a closet or cabinet. Put your extra supplies there.

* Donate what supplies you don’t need or use. Churches and non profits are more than happy to take your supplies.

* Papers- Put those piles into files. Getting your bills and financial statements online, eliminates a lot of mail and things you have to file. Also, consider getting a small safe to keep your personal documents. If you have an file drawer in your desk, set up a file system based on the paper that you need to contain. The paper in your file system should be current stuff.

* Create an archive box for old taxes, closing documents, and mortgage papers. They don’t need to be at your fingertips.

* If you or a family member has a chronic medical condition, consider organizing the paperwork in binders or a small portable file box.

And there you have it. Desk Organization. Keep it clean and simple!

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