The Organized Outing- Getting To The Fun Without The Chaos

Summer is my favorite time in Chicago. Who doesn’t agree with me? There are so many fun, free, cultural things to do. Yes, I jump on that band wagon.

Sometimes it can be a challenge to get from work to a fun event. There is the cooking, sangria making, and the packing of the bag. Yup- the thing we call pre-planning. Prepping or Planning ahead is the best way to ensure you will get to your event on time with every thing you need.

Here are some helpful tips to help you on your way:

1. If it helps you, make a checklist of what you need to bring.

2. Load up your bag, or car beforehand if possible. Some weeks, my portable chair and blanket just stay in my car.

3. Keep extra food items and beverages around so you don’t have to do a full shopping trip for each outing. I always have extra wine and ingrediants to make appetizers or snacks. I make one quick trip to the grocery store for extras.

4. Have a good bag for transport. I have one bag if I need to bring food for friends, and one bag if I only need to bring my meal. Anything that is non perishable I pack ahead of time. If I am going to multiple events that week, I leave the bag loaded. All I have to do is put in the perishable items before I leave.

picnic bags to use

5. If you work close to your events(downtown), consider leaving a chair or blanket in your office. Why schlep all this stuff home several times a week?

Keep it simple. Don’t recreate the wheel each time. And most importantly- have fun!! Enjoy your free time with friends and family!!

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