The Nest Is Empty; Time To Clean Out The Kids Rooms

So the kids have flown the coop. You have your house back to yourselves. Ahh..the piece and quiet!

empty nesters

Then it hits you, you still have their stuff. Its very rare that an adult child leaves the nest and clears out their bedroom, basement, or toy room. Most of us start out in small apartments with no storage. Yup, your days as a mother cleaning up after her child are not over yet. One last project!!

So should you clean out your childs room? Should you wait till they vist and demand that they handle it? How long should you let it sit?

The answer is up to you. Most people that I have spoken with, have another use for the space. My childhood bedroom has been turned into a guest room. I see a lot of kids rooms become offices or craft rooms.

Get read to sort!

* STEP ONE Put like with like

* STEP TWOEmail your child an inventory. Ask them what can be donated, what they want to keep and store, and what they want to look at.

* STEP THREE Get rid of the items your child doesn’t want to save

* STEP FOUR Containerize the items that are left. Store them in a closet or storage area.

*STEP FIVE When your child moves into living space with storage, pass the items onto them

The most important part of this process is to make sure that your childs memory items are containerized. It’t important to use plastic bins vs cardboard boxes. This will protect things from the elements. I have seen so many things that have not been stored properly and been ruined.

Enjoy your space!

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