The Door Is Knockin' and Your House is Shocking- What to Do

Tuesday I got caught with my pants down(my home not being in pristine organized condition). I was on my way home from organizing a garage, covered in dust, when I got a phone call from a reporter. He wanted to interview me about a blog post I wrote about running with the bulls. He wanted to come over in 45 minutes.

This would happen the one morning that I didn’t leave my house in perfect condition. As an organizer, I can’t let someone see it in less than perfect order- or so I believe.

That morning, I ended up on the phone with a few clients and didn’t get my planned chores done. I didn’t even make my bed (that never happens). So, the three loads of laundry I did the night before were hanging to dry, bathroom not cleaned, and floor not swiffered (we do a lot of shedding the in the Kelly casa). Did I mention that I had cooked bacon appetizers that morning and my place had a nice bacon smell?

I ran in the door and took action. I made the bed, folded all the laundry, and dusted. I figured the interview would take place in the living room. I even de-furred the couch and chair. The reporter ended up sitting in the one chair I hadn’t checked out(with a very nice black suit) I cleaned the litter box and then cleaned the bathroom. I also loaded and unloaded the dishwaster. I had just enough time to shower and put my face on. That being done, I chose to swiffer the floors instead of using the few minutes I had left to fix my hair(that a tough one for a southern gal).

I took a moment to catch my breath and the bell rang. I did it. I felt good because I could see him looking around my place. Its natural when you know the person is a decorator, organizer, or a maid.

So what do you do when this happens to you?

1. Start cleaning/organizing the rooms that are visable. Dust, sweep, vacuum, and put things away.

2. Close off any doors to rooms you won’t be in if possible.

3. Always make sure your bathroom and kitchen are clean.

4. Put things away in the correct place or room. Its better to relocate them in the proper room then to have one big bag or bin of misc you have to sort later.

5. Make a quick list of what you feel should be done. I did and it helped.

ps: I just made the bed this morning!!

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