Ten Things You Should Purge From Your Home

I have been organizing for 9 years (my whole life if you ask my parents). In the houses that I work in, I find a lot of commonalities. We all seem to hold onto the same things. Here is my top ten list of things that can go! Say good bye!!

1. OLD PAPERS– You have allergies, with lots of paper you may get dust mites as well. You just don’t need it. All you need is an archive box with your mortgage papers, taxes, legal and medical. Once small filing system can hold your other papers. Get your bills and financial papers all online.

2. OLD BEDDING AND TOWELS– Is that linen closet overcrowded? Did you save the comforters from your last three decorating changes? Do you still have those sheets for college? Time to let go. If you need extra bedding for company, try storing in in the guest room closet. Another option is binning it and putting it in the basement or attic.

3. COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS– True confession here. I kept mine for awhile. Why, I thought I would refer to them. Ten years later, it never happened. Let that big heavy box go!

4. HOBBY ITEMS– You tried knitting and didn’t like it? Don’t bowl anymore? Too old to ski? Time to give those misc. items away. They are just taking up space. Pass them on.

5. KITCHEN APPLIANCES– So you bought a bread maker like everyone else did 15 years ago. Do you still use it? The sandwich maker? Waffle maker? Be realistic about what you use in your kitchen. When the Kerig comes in, the old coffee maker should go out.


6. HOME DECOR– Change of style or decorating taste? Don’t put those old decor items in boxes. Unless they are family heirlooms, they can go. Sell, donate, or give to friends.

7.RECORDS-Unless you have a turntable, these puppies are just gathering dust!

8. ELECTRONICS-Everyone has a box or bin of outdated electronics. Recycle. Recycle. Recycle. We are lucky in Chicago we have the Goose Island Recycle cener. I am a regular. Also consider labeling your cords so when you upgrade your items, you know what goes with what.

9. OFFICE SUPPLIES-I find that most people have more than they need. What do you really use in your office? Let the rest go.

office supplies

10. PET SUPPLIES-Its hard to lose a pet. If you don’t plan on replacing it, donate their stuff. The shelters are more than happy to have your dog beds, food, ect. I even donated my cats medicine when he passed away last year.

And there you have it. A guide to start clearing out your home!!

Happy Organizing!!

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