Ten Things Not To Take To A Temporary Home

Whether your building your dream home, waiting for owners to move out of a home you bought, or just moved to a new state you should never bring and unpack all your stuff at a temporary dwelling.

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In the last nine years, I have worked with many people that are in transition and moving to a new space for a certain period of time. As you would guess, most of these temporary homes are smaller than what they came from and have less storage.

The cost and time you spend to pack, unpack, and organize your place is quite large. Also, by packing and unpacking your items, you risk damage.

Here are the top 10 things I think you need to leave packed or in storage:

1. BOOKS-Are you really going to spend your time reading, when you are working on a new home? I don’t think so.

2. LINENS-Fill your linen closet with what you need only. Keep the rest packed away.

3. ARTWORK-Personally I would leave it all packed away. I have yet to see this happen. Most people like to decorate their walls.

4. FAMILY PICTURES/PHOTO ALBUMS-Take out a few framed photos but leave the albums packed.

5. MEMORY ITEMS-Another thing you don’t need in your temp home.

6. TOOLS-You are renting, not repairing. Leave those tools packed. Bring with you a few basics and that is it.

7. LIGHTBULBS-Do you think I am joking about this one? I unpacked 2 boxes of light bulbs at a temp home just the other week. That and your industrial supplies should remain intact till you settle in your new home.

8. GLASSWARE/CHINA-It just takes up space. Its on the top of my list at risk for breakage. I have seen it happen way too many times. You don’t need three sets of wine glasses and multiple sets of china- be realistic about your needs.

9. HOLIDAY DECOR-We buy holiday decorations that fit our space. Your space has changed. If you are spending the holidays at the temp home, take only what you need- not the whole kit and caboodle!

10. KITCHEN/ENTERTAINING ITEMS-Bring strict with yourself. One set of glasses, dishes, ect. Keep those platters packed!!

And there you have it. Make your life simple by not unpacking everything you own at your temporary diggs. If I did a number 11 it would be clothing. Streamline your closet!!

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