Proper Packing Will Save You Hours Setting Up Your New Home

Some days I feel like a small town preacher. I get on my soap box and speak about redemption. Yes, I beg and plead for clients to properly pack up their homes for the move. Proper packing and labeling will save you hours on the other end. Here is how to do it!

*COLOR CODE- Color code the boxes. Have a grid at the front door so the movers know which room things should go into. My favorite types of labels are the post it ones. Misplaced boxes are frustrating. You think you have the kitchen completed and then boom-another box!

post it lables

* WARDROBE BOXES-Most moving companies will provide them at no charge if you give them back. This saves so much time because clothes don’t get wrinkled and can go right back into the closet.

* PACK LIKE WITH LIKE– Its okay to have some misc boxes. For the most part, you need to keep categories together.

* SET UP FURNITURE– Have the movers set up and move the furniture to the correct place. Visually this helps and makes it easier to move around your new space.

* EVALUATE YOUR SPACE BEFOREHAND– Look around and see what organizing tools you will need in your new space. I was able to purchase almost everything ahead of time. I knew what would work in the new space and what needed to go.

* UNPACK ONE ROOM AT A TIME-Prioritize what should be done first most people do their kitchen or master closet. Playrooms and offices are secondary.

* SHEETS-Wash your sheets and take them in the car if its a local move. This way, they are fresh and can go straight on the beds when they are set up. Also, take a few towels with you.

* BATHROOMS– If your number of bathrooms change, purge or pack up unneeded accessories. Evaluate your new bathroom space. Many times, you organizing accessories won’t work in the new space.

So there you have it. Some tips to make your move letss chaotic! Moving is not fun. Even this organizer doesn’t like to move.

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