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The Door Is Knockin' and Your House is Shocking- What to Do

Tuesday I got caught with my pants down(my home not being in pristine organized condition). I was on my way home from organizing a garage, covered in dust, when I got a phone call from a reporter. He wanted to interview me about a blog post I wrote about running with the bulls. He wanted... Read more »

The Organized Outing- Getting To The Fun Without The Chaos

Summer is my favorite time in Chicago. Who doesn’t agree with me? There are so many fun, free, cultural things to do. Yes, I jump on that band wagon. Sometimes it can be a challenge to get from work to a fun event. There is the cooking, sangria making, and the packing of the bag.... Read more »

A Look Inside A Professional Organizers Home- Part Two

This is part two of my blog from Friday. The second part of the Kelly Casa continues. I wanted to open my home to show you how a professional organizer lives. Enjoy. THE BATHROOMI think I have worlds smallest bathroom. In most homes, it would be called a powder room. You have to love those... Read more »

A Look Inside A Professional Organizers Home- Part One

You have asked. You have pried. How do I live? Do I practice what I preach- so often and so loud? Well, you are in for a treat. I am inviting you inside the “Casa De La Kelly” or the “Half Decorated Hacienda” as I affectionately call it. I have lived in my condo in... Read more »

Ten Things You Should Purge From Your Home

I have been organizing for 9 years (my whole life if you ask my parents). In the houses that I work in, I find a lot of commonalities. We all seem to hold onto the same things. Here is my top ten list of things that can go! Say good bye!! 1. OLD PAPERS– You... Read more »