Getting Organized At Home- Participation vs Non-Participation

I get these phone calls all the time. Someone wants me to come in and organize their home. “Just get it done!” “I don’t want to participate in the process!”

It would be a dream to come home and have a perfectly organized home. Every cabinet organized to perfection. Your clothes lined up by style and color. No piles of clutter to be found. Your paper all organized and filed away in a labeled system.

Realistically, this is not a good idea. Here is why:

* There are too many changes for your brain to process at once. Instead of learning one new system, you will be learning a whole bunch of them. Can you say brain overload?

clutter pic

* Its frustrating to not be able to find anything.

* If you are allowing someone to set up your home, they will set it up the way they see it. You may have different ideas about where things should go.

* If you aren’t involved, then purging can’t be done. The only thing an organizer can do is put aside a pile of things that are broken or worn out for you to evaluate.

* You will have to tweak things or handle things twice.

As hard as it maybe, its better for you to participate in the organizing process. Whether you are working with friends, family, or an organizer, you will have better results.

Break down your home into projects. Finish one at a time. Systemize, organize, and purge your space. Get used to the changes in one area of your home then move to the next project. In the end, you will feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your space.

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