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Simple Solutions To Keep You Organized During The School Year

Its that time of the year again. Time to set the alarm clock and get back on schedule. SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION. Gone are those lazy summer days at the beach or hanging out in the neighbors back yard watching your kids play. It’t time to get back on schedule. Your role has changed... Read more »

Getting Organized At Home- Participation vs Non-Participation

I get these phone calls all the time. Someone wants me to come in and organize their home. “Just get it done!” “I don’t want to participate in the process!” It would be a dream to come home and have a perfectly organized home. Every cabinet organized to perfection. Your clothes lined up by style... Read more »

Simple Steps To Organizing A Kitchen

The kitchen. In my opinion, is the most challenging room in the home to organize. Why, you ask? Most kitchens are designed to fit a space, not a function. Everyone uses their kitchen a little differently. There are people like myself, that love to cook. There are others that heat up pizzas and make macaroni... Read more »

The Kitchen Purge; Deleting All Those Duplications

Last week I had a knife salesman over to look at some knives. As we looked through my kitchen, I shamefully admitted that I was a “duplicator”. Yup, I had quite a few things in multiple quanities. Some I had purchased, others were gifts. I am not alone. This is the most common kitchen problem.... Read more »

How To Set Up And Organize a College Dorm Room

It’s that time of the year again. Back to school. It seems like yesterday I was working the double shift at the DQ to save up money to buy stuff for college. I even called my future roomie to make sure that our stuff would match! Did I tell you that we painted our room... Read more »

Time Management Failure; When You Can't Get Off The Couch

Tuesday I didn’t have to work till the evening, so I slept in till 8 am and then proceeded to the couch. Yes, my ass was planted on the couch for several hours. After working several 12 hour days, I just didn’t have it in me to spring out of bed and get rolling. I... Read more »

Proper Packing Will Save You Hours Setting Up Your New Home

Some days I feel like a small town preacher. I get on my soap box and speak about redemption. Yes, I beg and plead for clients to properly pack up their homes for the move. Proper packing and labeling will save you hours on the other end. Here is how to do it! *COLOR CODE-... Read more »

Ten Things Not To Take To A Temporary Home

Whether your building your dream home, waiting for owners to move out of a home you bought, or just moved to a new state you should never bring and unpack all your stuff at a temporary dwelling. In the last nine years, I have worked with many people that are in transition and moving to... Read more »

The Nest Is Empty; Time To Clean Out The Kids Rooms

So the kids have flown the coop. You have your house back to yourselves. Ahh..the piece and quiet! Then it hits you, you still have their stuff. Its very rare that an adult child leaves the nest and clears out their bedroom, basement, or toy room. Most of us start out in small apartments with... Read more »

The Great Bull Run; How it Compares to Spain

I have been so busy with work that I was late to the party when I heard Chicago was planning a bull run in July 2014. Actually, the first time I heard of it was when a reporter called to interview me about a previous blog that I wrote. The poor guy! Can you imagine... Read more »