The Garage Vs Basement- Where Things Should Go

In some ways both the garage and basement are interchangable when it comes to storage. If you have both, consider yourself lucky. You have some options in the storage game of life. Recently I revamped the garage and basement where I live.

So lets talk storage and the best place for things. A lot of your storage choices should depend on the condtion of your space. Is your garage and basement weather proof? Do you have little house guests(bugs, mice)? Do you get a lot of debris or dust?

All the above should be considered when choosing where to store things.

GARDENING SUPPLIES-These should always be stored in the garage. I moved mine from the basement to garage shelves. They are more accessible plus I am not tracking dirt around when I need stuff.

BIKES-Unless you have a bike room bikes, along with outdoor toys should be stored in the garage. Hang them from the ceiling or on the wall to save space.

TOOLS-Tools can be stored in either place. Some people set up a workshop in their basement while others choose to have a tool area in their garage.

OUTDOOR TOOLS-Hang them on the wall in your garage.

SEASONAL ITEMS-Coolers, chairs, and picnic baskets. I prefer storing these items in the garage. Hang your chairs on hooks and put your coolers on a shelf.

HOLIDAY STORAGE ITEMS-Don’t leave your holiday joy loose! Containerize it! I would store these items in the basement on shelves. If you don’t have a basement, put them in the eaves of a garage or on shelves.

ITEMS TO THINK TWICE ABOUT-Books, photos, and papers. Unless your garage and basement are weatherproof, these items could get damaged. Do not store them in cardboard boxes, they won’t be protected.

Aside from choosing the best place to store your items, make sure that they are stored properly. Containerize, shelf, and hang things when possible.

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